FTA With Israel Likely to Be Finalized After Knesset Elections in September

The Israeli Knesset needs to ratify the Free Trade Agreement for it to come into force


Photo President Zelensky Press Office


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that ratification of the free trade agreement between Ukraine and Israel may be signed after the Knesset election scheduled for September 17.

“Firstly, we are waiting for the ratification of the free trade agreement by the new Knesset after the September 17 election. This will increase the volume of trade between our countries. Secondly, four important documents have been signed that will expand contacts between Ukraine and Israel in education, culture and sports. In addition, we expect close cooperation in the agricultural sector,” Zelensky wrote on his Facebook page following a meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in Kyiv.

The Ukrainian president also added that he invited Israeli companies to work in Ukraine, outlining the most important areas: construction of roads and infrastructure, healthcare, education, energy saving, and IT sector.

“Ukraine should become a global brand of progress, innovation and technologies. We will devote the next five years to this. I’m sure that partnership with Israel will give us the opportunity to accelerate the achievement of this goal,” Zelensky added.

Source UATV
date 20.08.2019
categories Economics
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