The Future Looks Bright (and Young) at Kyiv International Economic Forum

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk both spoke at the Kyiv International Economic Forum


It’s day two of the Kyiv International Economic Forum, which has drawn hundreds of business leaders and thousands of guests.

The second day was opened by Ukrainian Prime Minister  Oleksiy Honcharuk. He said that his government is ambitious and not afraid of making any decisions in order to make Ukraine successful. He said that the priority of his team is privatization – decreasing the role of government in favor of increasing the role of private entrepreneurs.

“We have the youngest president, he is a smart and a sensible person who wants to change this country. We have the youngest parliament which has appointed the youngest government. This sort of choice is in favor of the future and in favor of the new generation. We are the new generation. We are not afraid, because you can’t be fearful of the future. If you are scared at the beginning then you’ve lost from the start. There’s no room for big monopolies that are based on natural resources in the future. The main resource of the future is information and values, people need to believe in you in order for you to be successful,” Honcharuk said.

The Kyiv International Economic Forum is being used to discuss different strategies for reforming Ukraine’s economy.

“Today, Ukraine is a diamond that needs to be cut with internal reforms and external investments in order to become a real diamond – not only within Europe, in the heart of Europe, but in the whole world. As the president, I guarantee that I am ready to personally protect every investment, every penny you invest in every Ukrainian,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

Chinese business magnate, Jack Ma, who topped the Forbes China Rich List for the second year running in 2019 — also spoke at the forum.

He calls himself the C-E-O, or “the Chief Education Officer,”and said that any success can be achieved through education.

“I’m very happy to hear the president say to ‘invest in the people.’ Invest in the small business. Invest in the young people. Investing in the small business – this is the key. In the last century because of the industrial revolution, so, the bigger the better. Next century the smaller the better, and flexible is better,” Ma said.

date 09.11.2019
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