George H. W. Bush Funeral in Texas

A week of national remembrance following the death of George H. W. Bush has come to an end in the U.S. The funeral train which carried the casket of the 41st president arrived in the final resting place in Texas


President George H.W. Bush was finally laid to rest in Texas.

This comes after a funeral service at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston where his eldest grandson George P. Bush shared a few words about his grandfather.

“In our times together our big wonderful and competitive family saw the personal goodness that led to his recognized historical greatness. He left a simple yet profound legacy to his children, to his grandchildren, and to this country. Service. Undoubtedly when the last words are written on him they will certainly include this – that the fulfillment of a complete life cannot be achieved without service to others,” George P. Bush said.

A hearse then carried the casket to a Union Pacific facility north of Houston near the international airport named for Bush.

Then it traveled to his presidential library in College Station to be buried during a private service.

Bush died last week at age 94.

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date 07.12.2018
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