Global Warming Killing Off Birds, Causing Fires in Alaska

At 32 degrees Celsius, this month saw the highest temperature ever recorded in Anchorage


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In circumpolar Alaska, anomalous heat is causing forest fires and massive bird die-outs.

This week, Anchorage recorded the hottest day in its history with a temperature at 32 degrees Celsius. The temperature record had never exceeded 30 degrees Celsius, Air Force Ukraine reported.

The strange warming in Alaska began in the spring. An unusually warm May alerted meteorologists and environmentalists. It was followed by a record hot June and now, peak heat in July.

The warming of the water led to the migration of plankton and fish, as a result of which birds have been dying of starvation. Scientists say that the warming is due to global climate change.

Source BBC
date 07.07.2019
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