Children in the Netherlands Learn Ukrainian National Cuisine

Ukrainian diaspora in Groningen and Amsterdam was invited to teach youngsters of the secrets of Ukrainian national cuisine at their schools



In two Dutch cities – Groningen, and Amsterdam – Ukrainian schools taught their young pupils how to cook the quintessential Ukrainian dish – varenyky.

On Saturday, some of the Ukrainian diaspora in Groningen were invited to come to the school dressed in the traditional Ukrainian shirts – vyshyvankas – along with their children and friends, the Ukrainian school in Amsterdam, Dzherelo, wrote on Facebook.

“Let’s meet together to get acquainted, talk, remember the Ukrainian traditions, cook and taste some Ukrainian cuisine,” organizers said.

Participants had a chance to be creative.

“Everyone learned something new and cooked some tasty varenyky for himself: some made the dinosaurs-shaped varenyky, some tried to experiment with the flavoring combinations (mixed boiled potatoes with sugar), some helped the younger ones, and some just ate as much as wanted to,” organizers wrote.

Source UATV
date 20.01.2019
categories Ukrainians in the world
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