Groysman Gives Cabinet of Ministers Prize To Activist Youth

The prizes were given for special achievements of youth in the development of Ukraine


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Ukraine has  creative, patriotic and ambitious  youth who will shape the future of a strong and vibrant state despite of all challenges and threats. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman made this statement during a meeting with the laureates of the Cabinet of Ministers Prize for special achievements of youth in the development of Ukraine.

The prize is awarded annually to 20 young people under the age of 35 for special achievements and implementation of various initiatives, especially at the local level. A diploma and an award pin are awarded together with a cash reward. This year’s competition was eight people for one prize place.

Young athletes, activists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, promoters of Ukrainian goods abroad, doctors, IT experts are among the winners of this year’s competition. All of them are civic activists and will involve young people in educational, production, sports, public programs aimed at raising the level of knowledge, skills, protection of rights and more.


Addressing the young people, Groysman stressed that active civil society is the foundation of the country.

“Our meeting is held on the Day of the National Flag, on the eve of Independence Day – important dates in our lives. In 2014, our flag was literally under threat, but we preserved statehood, and today we have the opportunity to develop our motherland.In this process, the role of individuals is of utmost importance. Therefore our creative, patriotic and ambitious young people will give us great opportunities despite all the threats and challenges. We are a strong European country,” Groysman said.

He emphasized that there is a lot of work ahead in the context of economic development, culture, spirituality, and international relations.

“There is a foundation on which a strong, independent and sovereign country can be built. Youth must play a key role in this process because future begins tomorrow. I would like to urge young people to go further, to involve your colleagues close to the ideas of state formation. The more active people come to power, the more dynamic changes will be. I wish all of us success,” Groysman said.

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date 23.08.2019
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