Groysman: Ukraine Fulfilling Financial Obligations

The Ukrainian Prime Minister said the economic situation is stable and cash reserves sufficient


Photo Ukraine Government Portal


Ukraine is fulfilling its financial obligations despite the fact that debt is a heavy burden for the country. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman made this statement on the air of the TV channel Vita (Vinnytsia).

“In the first half of the year we have fulfilled all existing obligations,” Groysman said.

The total amount of payments to be made this year by Ukraine is about UAH 417 billion, around $15 billion.

“Only imagine what we could do with these funds! But we should do our utmost to prevent the crisis [of non-payment]. Many people remember the 90s of the last century. Our way is stability and fulfillment of obligations. Although we are fulfilling those commitments that we did not undertake”, Groysman said.

He placed a special emphasis on the strength of the financial system of the country.

“Our international reserves make up USD 20 billion. The situation is stable, however, we cannot allow wasteful expenditures.”

Source Ukraine Government Portal
date 11.06.2019
categories Economics
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