‘Futuristic’ Gym in California

The gym's focus is "biohacking"


Instead of exhausting workout sessions and weight lifting – imagine sensory stimulators, infrared therapy, and oxygen masks. It’s part of the “biohacking” workouts held in one California gym.

“I think it’s really great, the trend of using all this new equipment that goes on a much deeper level into the body, working with the mind and the physical body at the same time, speeding up recovery,” Dr. Ken Best, a practitioner of holistic medicine, said.

Each visitor has an individual workout program developed by coaches and doctors after a comprehensive medical examination. The gym offers programs for improving memory, strengthening the muscular system, and even fighting cancer.

“I think this is some great science that is not yet in the mainstream of western medicine and I see my role is to help bring this to some of the cancer clinics in my area and there’s a lot of great recovery opportunities here,” radiation oncologist Dr. Charles Meakin said.

In addition to workouts, biohacking requires observing a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and meditating. Critics claim that the method is not effective and too expensive. However, many of its visitors are enthusiastic.

“I see my training step up just a little bit, I see my endurance lasting longer, I’m not getting as tired as fast, my breathing is where I started gaining more control and I felt like my sinuses were opening up,” a gym visitor said.

“I really like the fact that it is all under one roof. This biohacking is giving me the right to live a long healthy life, someone has figured it out and I’m so glad I can come to one place instead of running around town, over here or there trying to find out how to do it, how to eat, it’s all here,” another gym visitor said.

For now, there’s only one of these gyms in Santa Monica but there are plans to open three more in Los Angeles. Monthly membership costs $5,000.

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date 05.01.2019
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