Happier Buffaloes Make Better Mozzarella

A farm in Italy breeds its own buffaloes and believes that the better the animals are taken care of, the better the food


Any food lover will tell you that the best buffalo mozzarella comes from Italy, but there’s one secret behind the quality of this world famous cheese: the breeding of buffaloes.

In Vannulo farm in Italy, buffaloes can relax to the sound of Mozart in their shed. If and when they feel like it, they can head to the sprinklers to cool off.

The philosophy of the farm owner is simple: take care of your animals, and they will take care of you.

“I believe that buffaloes are clever animals and notice if there is understanding towards them. It is necessary to understand and love them, like all animals after all. If we establish a good relationship, they reciprocate,” said Antonio Palmieri, owner of Vannulo farm.

The buffaloes even have access to automatic brushes if they fancy a scrub. They can also choose when they want to be milked, thanks to a state-of-the-art automatic milking system.

Animals eat organic grass and this benefits both the animal and the consumer.

The farm employs 40 workers who take care of the entire production line, from growing vegetables, to producing mozzarella and even handbags made with tanned buffalo leather.

The 350 buffaloes on the farm produce tasty and soft mozzarella, sold exclusively on the premises in order to ensure a super-fresh product.

Today, Italy produces around 15 thousand tons of its most famous cheese every year, thanks to Italian Mediterranean buffaloes.

Source UATV
date 12.11.2018
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