Haska Shyyan Awarded EU Literature Prize

Shyyan comes the first laureate from Ukraine in the award's history


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The official award ceremony of the European Union for Literature 2019 was held in Brussels, Belgium. The Ukrainian writer Haska Shyyan was among 14 laureates. The jury of the prestigious competition recognized her book “Behind The Back,” Ukrainian PEN-club reports on Facebook.

“Haska Shyyan is the first laureate from Ukraine in the award’s history,” the post reads.

During the pre-ceremony readings, authors read their works in their original language.

The heroes of Shyyan’s book are Ukrainians, whose houses had the war burst in. As she noted in a press commentary, the images are taken simply from real events.

“All these images come naturally, simply due to life events. For example, my friend’s friend didn’t come back from the front line, and all this happened right in front of our eyes. In general, the whole country now experiences the stage of post-traumatic syndrome. My improvements are an attempt to put these emotions into words, to help, to understand, to hear, at least in this way, reduce this tension. After all, life goes on,” the writer said.

The winners of the competition received an honorarium in amount of €5,000. Also, they get support from the Creative Europe program, which helps with translation and international promotion of works.

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date 03.10.2019
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