Health Week

The Ministry of Health is to report on the results of the Ukrainian healthy eating week at the end of April

Ten-year-old Mykhaylo Zayats is into breakdancing. He says, healthy eating gives him the energy he needs to bust a move.

“I have achievements. I can do a headstand. I can spin on my head. I can spin on my back. I can do a long handstand. If I eat more fruit I can achieve anything!” he said.

Children are taught about healthy nutrition at school. This helps Mykhaylo’s mother, Viktoriya Zayats, to adjust the family diet

“Vegetables should always be present at home. And fresh juices are a must,” she said.

As part of the nationwide healthy eating week, children and adults can learn more on the topic at an expo centre in Kyiv. in the course of the week, bike rides, public workouts and special lessons in schools were held all across Ukraine.

Officials of the Health Ministry said their efforts on promoting healthy lifestyle are paying off. Over the past seven years the number of nicotine-addicts decreased by five percent.

“We see there is interest for healthy eating and decreasing the the intake of fried food and products containing certain substances. For instance we’re discussing the issue of trans fats contained in products,” CEO at the Center for Public Health Volodymyr Kurpyta said.

As part of the overall shift towards natural food, lovers of sweets had an opportunity to try healthier alternatives to their beloved sweet snacks.

Right at the expo, visitors could take a blood test for sugar, and even see a doctor regarding their blood sugar. At the same location, they could donate blood. The Ministry of Health is set to give its blood donation system a major overhaul.

“We plan on creating a three-tier department in the blood donation service. We’ll have the national transfusion center that will deal with coordination. But then there will be a blood center in every region, or one for every two regions,” Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Olha Stefanyshyn said.

The Ministry of Health is to report on the results of the Ukrainian healthy eating week at the end of this month.

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date 14.04.2019
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