Hedgehog Kingdom Rising in Ukraine

Kyrylo Taler takes in the hedgehoges for the winter and releases them back into the wild in spring


Kyrylo Taler from Kyiv takes in the animals for the winter and releases them back into the wild in spring.

A week ago, Rusia was found on the street. The hedgehog, weak and cold, was handed into a shelter. Now, Taler looks after her. With the help of warmth, regular hand-feeding and tender loving care, she is recovering, and in a few months, will be just as healthy as her roomates.

Troshyk has been living with Taler since March. He loves spending time on the windowsill, and his favourite food is chicken liver.

Taler rescued his first hedgehog three years ago. Since then, his apartment has turned into a shelter for the animals.

“Hedgehogs are among the most meme-worthy animals. They are the cutest after cats. However, almost everyone has cats. There are lots of cat shelters, but no one takes care of hedgehogs,” he said.

Currently, five hedgehogs are living in Taler’s apartment. They are staying in the kitchen but will later be moving to the balcony to hibernate. In the spring, he will release them into the wild.

However, hedgehogs are still wild animals and don’t let people hold them for too long.

Taler is among a small group of people who care for hedgehogs in Ukraine, but there’s certainly more around the world.

Polish pensioner Jerzy Gara has helped dozens of animals since 2007. Like Taler, he takes hedgehogs in for the winter, and sets them free in spring.

Source UATV
date 12.12.2019
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