Ukrainian Charity Ball Raises Money for Orphanages

The Ukrainian Youth Association is now estimating it raised €5000 ($5,700) for this month's event



A Ukrainian Charity Ball in Vienna now estimates it raised about €5000 ($5,700) for a pair of Ukrainian orphanages.

For the 4th year, the ball was held in the heart of Vienna, at Palais Auerspergt, where Mozart and Haydn once played.

The debutants’ dresses, called “Chermeshyna,” the performance of Ukrainian national singer-artist Oleg Skrypka, a Viennese jazz band, and Austrian classics, combined to make a dazzling night.

Except for the charity, Ukrainians had another purpose, reviving the tradition of the Ukrainian Ball and making it recognizable in the Vienna Ballroom. This year, some 700 people participated in the Feb. 16 event, half of whom were Austrians and guests of different nationalities.

Every year, the Ukrainian Youth Association in Austria picks two regions where it supports children with disabilities or socially-vulnerable children. This year it’s buying equipment for children engaged in Paralympic sports from Kreminna in the Luhansk region and for orphans from the Romashka Orpanage in Orsha, in the Chernivtsi region.



Source UATV
date 27.02.2019
categories Ukrainians in the world
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