Home-Like Hostel Welcomes in Warsaw

A Ukrainian entrepreneur opened a hostel to help those who're looking to settle in the Polish capital


At a hostel in Warsaw, many of the guests feel at home. The hostel helps them to process documents, learn Polish and even send parcels back home. The idea to open a home-like hostel came to Olena Zavadska. Having moved to Poland from Ukraine several years ago, she knows all too well about the problems migrants face.

“When I moved to Poland I had to process all the papers myself so I’m aware of all the nuances. I consult the guests, tell them where this can be done quicker and whom to address,” she said.

The hostel’s clients usually come from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Moldova. Most of them stay for months or even years.

“My first hostel was more like a dormitory. There was no heartful atmosphere, people didn’t socialize. They would just come home and go to bed. And in the morning they’d leave for work early. In terms of value, comfort, and atmosphere this one is better than the rest,” Volodymir, a resident of the hostel, said.

There are a roomy kitchen, parking spaces, laundry, and a mini-gym. The guests often spend evenings together in a common living room. Newcomers are greeted with coffee.

Owners and managers said they’ve put a great deal of effort into creating a friendly community for all the guests who’ve come to a foreign country and are in need of support.

“We take great care so that our guests feel at home as much as possible, so that they feel they have rights, even though they’re in a foreign country, so that they know they have support here,” hostel manager Yevheniya said.

Source UATV
date 14.03.2019
categories News releases, Tourism
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