Homemade Cars Race in Cherkasy

Without an engine, pedals and no heavier than a hundred pounds. A race for homemade cars was held in Cherkasy with participants from all over Ukraine



“Dad on the Road”, “Crazy Peppers” and more than a dozen cars with original names and without engines. Even Cherkasy firefighters came to show their home-built “car.” At the race, they presented a mini copy of their service car. It was designed in a matter of days.

“Someone used the wheels from the trailers. All the equipment was taken from old motor pumps. All the parts were welded together. There is nothing new, we used junk,” Valentyn Ros, a race participant said.

Little pirate Tanya competed with experienced drivers. She was inspired by her favorite cartoon. Together with her relatives, they created this so-called “Treasure Island” in one night.

“I built it with my mom and dad. With the whole family, so to speak. Well, I have my own team,” participant Tetiana Ros said.

18 teams from different cities gathered for the  crazy races. Many spectators came to cheer on their favorites and look at the unusual cars.

“There is a lot of creativity, a lot of invention. There is an attempt to make a real show. I feel a lot of positive emotions,” a resident of Cherkasy region, Olha, said.

Each crew traveled a 500-meter track, with obstacles and jumps. However, the owners of fancy cars are not competing for the sake of speed. The main thing is participation, creativity and imagination.

“We rejected the idea of having 5 judges and decided that there would be thousands of them. Everyone can vote for the car that they like,” organizer Andriy Yaromenko said.

Spectators enjoyed races of rare “Zaporozhets” cars. The cardboard car of the “Mother’s Engineers” team won this race. Second place went to the firefighters. The bronze went to the “Khmarka” team.

Source UATV
date 16.09.2019
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