Hong Kong Airport Cancels Flights Due to Ongoing Protests

The protests, now in their 10th week, have been going on for three days in Hong Kong


Photos AP/Kin Cheung


Enraged over the police having used tear gas inside of a crowded metro station late in the evening on August 11, 2019, thousands of protesters have swarmed to the Hong Kong Airport. As a result of the influx of protesters, the airport was forced to cancel flights in the afternoon, local time, and into the evening on August 12, 2019.

The New York Times reports that the cancellation of well over 100 flights, including many departing after 6:00 p.m. local time was a stark display of the power of the protests to disrupt the basic functioning of the Asian financial hub. The airport is a crucial connection point for air travel around Asia.

The protesters gathered throughout the day, eventually filling the arrivals hall, before more protesters went upstairs to the departures hall.

As protest continued into the evening on August 11th, the police moved in with force using tear gas in the metro as well as attacking protesters on a moving escalator.


To evade the police, the protesters have resorted to a flash mob mentality, roaming around the city and gathering at a moment’s notice.

Some of the protests have happened in residential areas leading the police to fire tear gas which has angered the people living in those areas as they are being affected by the gas.

Beijing has watched the protests from afar and has not yet directly intervened but that may not last much longer.

The Times reports that previous demonstrations have prompted Beijing to sternly warn the protesters not to test its resolve and to warn of retribution from the “sword of law.”

Source The New York Times
date 12.08.2019
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