Housing and Legal Support for Soldiers Are Priorities for New Minister of Defense

Housing for soldiers is the number one problem for the Ukrainian military


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Social protection, legal support, the professionalization of the personnel the Armed Forces of Ukraine are among priorities of the Ministry of Defense, the newly appointed Minister of Defense, Andriy Zahorodniuk, stated in an interview with Radio Liberty.

“When we talk about it, we talk about social protection, social support, military career development, legal support, security issues, housing issues,” Zahorodniuk said.

He believes that providing housing for soldiers is the number one problem.

“Lack of housing demotivates people to sign a contract,” Zahorodniuk said.

“In Western countries, they generally have three-year rotations. This is when a soldier changes the location and functions every three years. […] And this involves a frequent change of place of living. Lack of resolution of this issue discourages soldiers from signing a contract,” he said.

There have been cases of inefficient use of funds in the history of the Ministry’s work with contractors.

“Large amounts of funding are ‘frozen’ because contractors don’t finish the construction. Completion of these projects is a question,” Zahorodniuk added.

According to him, effectient work with standard projects may serve as a strategic solution.

“Every building company has to have project management. We are now looking at projects for fast-track construction,” he adds.

Zahorodniuk is also convinced that the government should provide legal support to military personnel. This is a difficult and not an  easy question to solve, but the Minister believes that it must be resolved quickly.

“We are fighting corruption and we have to fight. But at the same time, they do not have to go out to acquaintances to raise money for lawyers. This is a well-known problem,” he added.

Source Radio Svoboda
date 22.09.2019
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