Hubble Produces ‘Medusa Merger’ Photo


Photo ESA/Hubble & NASA


Using the Hubble space telescope, NASA created a photograph of NGC 4194, nicknamed the Medusa galaxy, the Hubble website reported.

Scientists call it the “Medusa Merger.” NGC 4194 was not always one integral object. It was formed as a result of the merger of galaxies.

“An early galaxy consumed a smaller gas-rich system, throwing out streams of stars and dust out into space. These streams, seen rising from the top of the merger galaxy, resembles the writhing snakes that Medusa, a monster in ancient Greek mythology, famously had on her head in place of hair, lending the object its intriguing name,” the article says.

Cool gas pooling in the central region of the galaxy and ongoing star formation presented a bright light spot called Medusa’s eye.

Previously, Hubble accidentally discovered the smallest known galaxy.

Source UATV
date 30.09.2019
categories Science
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