Hundreds March to Commemorate Fallen in Donbas

Starting this year, on the day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, which honors the victims of WWII, Ukraine will also honor those lost defending Ukraine in other conflicts


Photos Ukrinform/UATV

On Tuesday, on Remembrance and Reconciliation Day, which commemorates the victims of Nazism in WWII, a march was also held in Kyiv to commemorate the defenders of Ukraine, who were killed in hostilities in Donbas.

About 250 wives and mothers of soldiers, who had participated in the Anti-Terrorist Operation / Joint Forces Operation in Donbas, as well as hundreds of service people, marched along the central street of Ukraine’s capital. Most of the participants had flowers in their hands.

The march participants walked from the Kyiv City State Administration, along Khreshchatyk Street to the Memorial “Wall of People’s Memory.”

Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak presented awards to the parents of 250 soldiers killed in Donbas and announced the start of a new tradition.

Starting this year, annually on May 8, on the Remembrance and Reconciliation Day, the Ministry of Defense will award the parents of servicemen, who are in the combat zone or died defending Ukraine.


Source Ukrinform
date 09.05.2019
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