Іnclusive Fashion Show in Kharkiv

Rolling down the runway in a wheelchair and designer dress. Inclusivity is slowly gaining power in the world fashion industry


Lyudmyla Pavlenko, the 2014 Paralympic champion in biathlon and cross-country skiing, met designer Oleksandr Bevziuk two years ago. He prepared a dress that the pregnant athlete would wear as she made her way down the runway of a fashion show in her wheelchair.

“My son is the person responsible for my first designer dress, made by Oleksandr Bevziuk when I was seven months pregnant. I had a big belly. And he created a collection for us, in which a healthy standing woman and a woman in a wheelchair looked stunning thanks to the perfect tailoring of the dress,” Pavlenko said.

That was Pavlenko’s first time on the runway. Now, she’s taking part in her second fashion show, part of the Ukrainian charity project “Mokosha.”

Pavlenko said that she feels like a Hollywood star.

“Of course, I feel good. I’m a little nervous, but it’s pleasant nervousness,” she said.

After the show, the models kept their dresses as gifts. The charity projects are meant to facilitate inclusive fashion in Ukraine. Demand may be significant, but the market is limited and there are no cheap offers in mass production.

Clothes for women in wheelchairs must be tailored in a special way – with a high waist and wide sleeves.

“The width of the front and the back for this size is increased from four to ten centimeters because of the developed shoulder girdle,” Bevziuk said.

The designer has been taking part in charity projects for six years. Each of the shows features ten inclusive outfits.

For now, inclusive fashion shows are rare on Ukrainian runways. But it’s expected that this will change.

Source UATV
date 07.11.2018
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