Investigators Force Arrested Crimean Tatars to Undergo Psychiatric Assessment

The detained men are being kept in various detention centers in Russia and illegally annexed Crimea


Photo (RFE/RL)


Crimea Tatars, arrested under the cases of Hizb ut-Tahrir, the so-called ‘second Simferopol group’, have been ordered to undergo psychiatric assessment, Crimea Realities reported.

According to Remzi Bekirov’s attorney, Edem Semedliaiev, by placing defendants in psychiatric facilities, investigators aim to put psychological pressure on them, denigrate their honor and dignity by questioning their mental stability.

“Remzi will be transferred to the mental hospital in the nearest future. Other defendants in the case also got a similar ruling,” Semedliaiev told Crimea Realities.

The defendants in the case are 25 Crimean Tatars, 23 of them have been taken to the pre-trial detention centers of Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog and Shakhty, one of them, Raim Aivazov, is in the Simferopol pre-trial detention center, another, Edem Yaiachikov, has disappeared and his whereabouts have been unknown since March 27, 2019.

On March 27, FSB officers, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and the Russian guard conducted searches in the homes of Crimean Tatar activists, including activists of the NGO “Crimean Solidarity.” 24 activists were detained during those raids.

Source Crimea. Realities
date 19.10.2019
categories Prisoners of Kremlin
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