Japanese Pillow Fighting Competition

The oldest pillow fighters was 75


One of the quirkiest events in Japan has taken place. Teams from across the country gathered to compete in a pillow fighting competition.

During qualifying for the All-Japan Pillow Fighting Championships south of Tokyo, teams gathered from across the region to compete in the event that has been one of Japan’s quirkiest since 2013.

The game starts with all five players ‘sleeping’ under duvets on futons before the whistle goes and they leap to their feet and reach for a pillow.

“I joined the tournament Because I thought we can be strategic and aim for a championship. I am very familiar with pillow fighting as I used to do it when I was a child,” a participant, “Mr. Akinori” said.

A mix between dodgeball and chess, the aim is to protect each team’s ‘King’ from being hit by pillows whilst trying to hit the opposition’s ‘King’ during two-minute sets.

The regional tournament contained 16 teams vying for the qualification for the national competition, which is held in February.

The teams, made up of local businesses, high school basketball teams, and local athletic clubs, attracts a wide range of participants. The oldest is 75.

The second youngest, 9-year-old Soda Wamanobe helped her team ‘BlancWhite’ win the tournament.

Source Reuters
date 25.05.2019
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