Junior Fashion Week in Kyiv

Junior fashion week was held in Kyiv and this time celebrities came out on the catwalk with kids who have Down syndrome. This is the second year in a row this fashion show was held



Kids are accompanied by TV personalities, singers and artists to the stage. They had several rehearsals together before the show and over that short period of time they became friends.

“I met a girl named Arina, she often dreams of becoming a ballerina. It’s a very big dream for her,” Prima Ballerina of the National Opera Khrystyna Shyspor said.

To make the kids feel more confident on the stage, they were allowed to take their favorite things with them. A toy, a guitar, rollerblades or a camera. But 14-year-old Lev chose a book.

“We started learning English. And we are here with a book, because Lev always has books with him,” mother of a participant Tetiana.

Making a fashion show for kids with Down syndrome was their parent’s initiative. They approached the organizers with a proposal and they in turn gladly embraced the idea.

“I want to convey to as many people as possible that children and adults with Down syndrome are just like us. They’re not sick. They’re just like other people, they can also enjoy life. They also wanna be happy. They just need a little more attention, and a little more patience,” founder of junior fashion week, Natalia Kovalenko.

All of the participants of the fashion show came out on the catwalk in white t-shirts and at the end of the show, painted in different colors. That was done as a symbol that everyone is unique and different in their own way.

Source UATV
date 23.03.2019
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