Klimkin: MFA Will Send a Note to Hungary Tomorrow About Expulsion of Consul From Ukraine

He said that in civilized countries, including in Ukraine, diplomats are not expelled by force.


Photo from Ukrinform

Ukrainian foreign minister, Pavlo Klimkin, has said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will send a note to Hungary on the expulsion of its consul from Ukraine. on Thursday, Oct. 4, Unian reports.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Moldovan foreign minister, Tudor Ulianovschi, in Kyiv, Klimkin said that in civilized countries, including in Ukraine, diplomats are not expelled by force.

“We are civilized and polite people, although tough and consistent at the same time… Of course, he will leave the country himself, but everything is very simple, I have already said. I suggested that [Hungarian foreign minister] Péter Szijjártó recall him. He has such a diplomatic week,” Klimkin said.

“If this does not happen, and I understand that this will not happen because of the Hungarian position, tomorrow we will send a note to the Hungarian side that he should leave his work in Ukraine and, accordingly Ukraine.”

Ukraine has asked that the consul leave the country, because he was caught handing over Hungarian passports to Ukrainian citizens in Berehove, Zakarpattia region, in western Ukraine.

“Although there is no need to debate on the specific actions of the Hungarian consul, it is necessary to clearly dot the i’s and cross the t’s, and we will do it. The consul will return to his homeland in the coming days,” Klimkin wrote in an article for the Yevropeiska Pravda.

He added that the actions of the Hungarian diplomat contravene the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, according to which a consul performs any functions “which are not prohibited by the laws and regulations of the receiving state or to which no objection is taken by the receiving state.”

“Both the consul and his managers in Budapest knew perfectly well that we had objections to granting our citizens a second citizenship, since the constitution and legislation of Ukraine foresee only one citizenship: Ukrainian. The fact that criminal or administrative liability for dual citizenship is not envisaged in our country, does not change the essence of the case. A violation remains a violation, and unfriendly actions remain unfriendly,” Klimkin said.

“The Hungarian side should realize that by giving away citizenship to ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine, by the same token, it creates potential problems for them. The existence of another nationality may raise quite reasonable questions when appointing to public office, especially in Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, and in any case, the presence of two citizenships in a state that recognizes only one of them inevitably leads to a conflict between its rights and responsibilities to two different countries.”

“I was especially struck by the fact that the consulate in Berehove that granted Hungarian citizenship, demanded from the ‘newcomers compatriots,’ to hide this fact from the Ukrainian state, and also instructed how to manipulate the passports of the two countries when crossing the border.”

“In addition, this is also our internal social problem. It is unlikely that all those who were tempted for a second passport in Transcarpathia so strongly lamented Ukraine. The Hungarian passport for them is, above all, a pass to the European Union, an opportunity for a happy and comfortable life for themselves and their children.”

“I consider all these difficulties artificially created, since there are no objective contradictions between Ukraine and Hungary, but we must deal with artificial problems with all seriousness.”


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date 03.10.2018
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