Naftogaz Ready to Revise Lawsuit Against Gazprom

The company's CEO said that this is possible if only Gazprom is willing to sign a long-term contract following European rules.

Andriy KobolyevPhoto from Facebook/andriy.kobolyev

Naftogaz of Ukraine is ready to discuss the possibility of revising or giving up the second transit lawsuit against Gazprom, worth over $12 billion, the company’s CEO Andriy Kobolyev said, Interfax reports.

“Practically, we say to our Russian colleagues: if you build (bypass routes) and do not want to transport (through Ukraine’s GTS), then compensate. If you want to transport and are ready to sign a long-term contract according to European rules, with guarantees that you will pay us, we are ready either to give up the lawsuit, or review it, or change it,” he said.

“We passed this message to the European Commission and they heard us. We are ready for, if the shareholder agrees, negotiations on this matter with Gazprom.”

Source Interfax-Ukraine
date 10.01.2019
categories Economics
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