Kyiv Climate Strike

A rally in Kyiv calling to combat climate change has taken place. Hundreds of people marched through the government quarters, demanding changes to the country's environmental policy



From a consumer economy to an environmentally conscious one.

Climate activists gathered at Mykhaylivska square in central Kyiv and marched towards the government quarters demanding the Ukrainian leadership to stop supporting the coal industry and prioritize renewable energy, to move away from single-use plastics and to reform waste management.

Kyiv residents of all ages, as well as citizens from across Ukraine gathered in the center of the capital for this climate march. Among them was Anna, who, along with her friends, came all the way from Uzhhorod in the west of Ukraine.

“It’s so great that we’re here. We’ve been waiting for this march, and each of us supports the environment and loves our planet. And we’re very happy to be here. All the demands are priorities, but the most important one is to say ‘no’ to disposable plastic. Because it’s a huge problem for our planet. And we want it to be banned completely,” Anna Bilous, campaign participant, activist, said.

Along with the usual slogans like “Save Our Future,” activist chanted a tweaked version of a slogan popular among the Ukrainian nationalists.

First stop was by the Cabinet of Ministers, where the protesters were met by the Minister of Energy and Ecology. The official assured, the Ministry is listening to what the public has to say and is eager to cooperate.

Activists demanded a complete switch to renewable energy by 2050, as well as to invest in the development of green public transport and in bike infrastructure in cities. They also called for a ban on production and import of disposable plastics.

“The first climate march in Ukraine was held back in 2014. And we decided to remind the Government and people about the importance of climate risk. People began joining us – the first campaign took place on March 15th, and more and more people have been joining the movement since then. It was all started by young people, schoolchildren… Along with us, representatives of 20 more Ukrainian cities came to Kyiv. There are 4 more marches in other Ukrainian cities, and we’re expecting over a thousand participants,” Tetiana Astakhova, organizer of the campaign, said.

To their final stop — the presidential office of Ukraine — protesters brought a 5-meter tall sculpture of a dinosaur made entirely out of plastic bottles. The banner on it reads: “I died due to climate change. Who’s next?”

Similar marches took place in four other major Ukrainian cities.

Source UATV
date 21.09.2019
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