Kyiv Doggies Look for New Families

Separate enclosures for pups and grown dogs, three meals a day and regular walks. These are the conditions for animals in the Kyiv Municipal shelter. Each stray dog has its own story. Some of them have already found new families, while some are still waiting


All of the prime cuts that are given to Rosy, she gives to her pups. All the pups in this animal shelter are foundlings. Today there are 400 dogs in this shelter. They have plenty of food, but want human companionship. As soon as they see us they start barking and wagging their tails. They want to go for a walk.

Svitlana is a volunteer and her favorite dog in this shelter is Zack. He was sent to the shelter after his owner died and has been living there for two years. Svitlana has been constantly looking for someone to give him a new home.

“I’ve been going on walks with him for nine months and I am trying to find him a home. This week I am taking him to Kyiv for the Barbos Cup. This Sunday we will try to find him a new home. He’s a really good boy,” said Daria Trush, shelter volunteer.

The Kyiv city administration is working on a unified registry of strays and animals in shelters. It should simplify the task of finding new families for dogs and cats.

“These have been our achievements over the last nine months. Because of cooperation with our trustees, volunteers and different funds, we have found families for almost 800 animals. Half of them are cats and half are dogs,” said Natalia Mazur, Acting Director of Kyiv City Veterinary Medicine.

Third graders came to the shelter for a lesson dedicated to animal protection day. They couldn’t get their hands off the pups.

“I don’t have a dog, but I want a doggy. When I grow up I want to come here and get one for myself,” said Diana Popadin, shelter visitor.

Yet officials say that the number of animals in shelters is not going down. This is why they are rushing to finish the construction of a new municipal shelter and a veterinary clinic in Kyiv. They will be able to give shelter to 800 cats and dogs.

Source UATV
date 06.10.2019
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