Kyiv Euro Marathon

Streets of Kyiv fill with 2,000 runners


Some 2,000 people showed the world that they’re made of sturdy stuff at the Third Kyiv Euro Marathon.

Runners from more than 20 countries pounded the pavement in a race celebrating ties between Ukraine and Europe.

In fact, the Sunday event happened the same weekend as Ukraine’s “Europe Day.” Both professionals and amateurs came, starting at Olimpiyski National Sports Complex and running from there through the streets of Pechersk District. One lap was 6 kilometers long. Full marathon runners completed seven laps.

There was also a half marathon, 12-kilometer run, 6-kilometer run, relay race, and a charity run.

The first to start the 2018 Euro Marathon were the 42 kilometer marathon runners and the relay race, with the half marathon and the 6 and 12-kilometer runners behind. A UATV director, Oleksiy Kaharov, was one of the first to finish the latter.

“I had a great time, the weather didn’t disappoint us, it wasn’t that hot. It’s good that there was no rain as well,” Kaharov said.

The first to finish the half marathon among men was Ivan Babaryka, who was both the winner of last year’s marathon and of the first Kyiv Euro Marathon in 2016.

“I take part in all events of the Euro Marathon. During the first year, I ran the marathon. Last year, I ran the half marathon. And this year I also ran the half marathon,” he said.

And of all people, it was his wife, Tetyana Babaryka, who took first in the half marathon women’s division.

“We are athletes. We came from Novomoskovsk, we represent the “Star Dnipro” club. Today, we defended the honor of our club and our city,” she said.

A professional runner from the Sumy Region, Yevhen Hlyva, was strong competition for the other racers. Second to finish was Serhiy Popov, and third was Yevhen Derbiniov.

Diplomats from the EU embassy to Ukraine helped organize the event and some even ran in it.

It’s a busy time for sports in Ukraine. Now Olimpiyskyi National Sports Complex is beginning preparation for the UEFA Champions League, which comes to the Ukrainian capital in just over a week.

Source UATV
date 13.05.2018
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