Kyiv Holds Eco-Day

Kyiv joined the global day for ecological awareness, holding workshops on sorting waste, art installations on the topic of pollution and lectures by ecologists. The main goal was to attract the attention of Kyiv residents to this pressing issue



Around the world, artists have used their work to speak up about environmental problems.

“I made fish from bottle caps,” artist Yulia Abramova said, displaying her sculptures. “My son and I collected these bottle caps while walking through the park and on the playground. It’s easy to collect since this is ‘trash item #1.’ Why fish? The topic of water has been on my mind for a long time since water is polluted mostly by what we throw away. Rivers flow into the seas, the seas flow into the oceans and ocean pollution is a huge problem. There are whole trash islands in the ocean.”

“These scales represent excess weight. Trash is like a symbol of the ecological problem. It is weighing down our planet and so its cardiac readings are stopping,” artist Astian Rey said, displaying a sculpture he had created of a scale.

Ecologists and activists talked about the problems of environmental pollution and resource conservation.

“It is about not using your car unnecessarily, but choosing to ride a bike. It is also about the efficient use of water and energy. It is about consuming less,” event organizer Inga Malko said.

Later dozens of Kyiv residents walked through the Podil district wearing breathing masks to draw the issue of air pollution to Kyiv residents.

Similar events were held in many other cities and towns all around Ukraine, and the world.

Source UATV
date 07.06.2019
categories News releases, Society
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