Kyiv Hosts European Girls’ Math Olympiad

The opening ceremony of the European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad has taken place in Kyiv. The Ukrainian capital is hosting participants from 49 countries, aged between 13-and-20


For the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad, hosted in Kyiv, teams arrived not only from Europe but also from Australia, Peru, Chile, India, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Over two days, some 200 girls from 49 countries are attempting to solve complex mathematical problems – using algebra, geometry, number theory, and even combinatorics – the field of maths involving counting and combinations.

“I’m real excited for everything. Everybody’s so nice here. I love Ukraine. It’s so beautiful everywhere,” a girl from the Canadian team said.

The Mathematics Olympiad for girls was held for the first time in Cambridge, in 2012.

“It started with the United Kingdom – they noticed that they had lots of girls participating in their national olympiads but not in their international olympiads – and they wanted to change that,” Chairperson of the Advisory Board of the European Mathematical Olympiad for Girls Birgit Van Dalen said.

It’s hoped such events will support mathematics enrichment for girls.

“This is called ‘positive discrimination’ – that’s discrimination to support. We have Olympiads for everyone. But we see that fewer girls at them. This event helps to highlight their interest in mathematics – and show that girls are quite competitive with boys with mathematics and other exact sciences,” Ukrainian Minister of Education and Science Liliya Hrynevych said.

It’s the first time Ukraine is hosting the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad. 5.5 million Ukrainian hryvnias was allocated from the state budget – with sponsors giving another half-a-million hryvnias. All-in-all, that’s just over $200,000.

The competition winners will be announced on Friday.

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date 10.04.2019
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