Designing the Kyiv Lights Festival

Kyiv will turn into an open art gallery with light sculptures, installations and projections. During the Kyiv Lights Festival the facade of the capital's city hall will become the canvas for an international 3D contest

Magic happens in this, at first glance, ordinary office. A team of Ukrainians creates augmented reality projects. Here, animated characters and architectural monuments come to life. All you need to do is to point a smartphone with a special app at the book.

“We are already working in 54 countries. We’ve entered the top 20 internationally in augmented reality. It’s a combination of the digital world and the real world,” Co-founder of augmented reality development company Andriy Tymoshenko said.

Especially for the festival of light, they have created a unique app. It will become part of a project titled “Ray of childhood dreams.” A ray with hundreds of thousands of coded children’s drawings will be symbolically launched into space.

“We liked this cat. It is very stylized. We also saved these hearts drawn by one of the children. We tried to maintain the original style so that everyone can see that it was drawn by the child. There is some unevenness in the drawing, for example, with some imperfect and asymmetrical touches,” head of the 3D department Olena Shpakivska said.

“You download this mobile app for free, point it at this beautiful show and you see how in these children’s drawings become big 3D models and circle around this building,” PR-director Nataliia Pavlenko said.

The developers say there were some difficulties that had to be overcome.

“The main difficulty in working with this application is video mapping. These are video slides that are displayed on the building with the help of a large projector. And there isn’t a single company that deals with augmented reality and combines it with video. We were pioneers in this,” head of development department Andriy Sydorov said.

The Kyiv Lights Festival will be held this weekend. The spectacular show can be seen on the facade of the Kyiv City State Administration.

Source UATV
date 27.09.2019
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