Kyiv Military Lyceum Set Memorial Tablet in Honor of Ukrainian Soldier

Kyiv’s Ivan Bohun Military Lyceum honored the memory of their graduate, Oleksiy Oshchepkiv. Senior Lieutenant Oshchepkiv was killed in Donbas in September 2014. A memorial tablet was unveiled and a tree was planted in his honor, on the alley of heroes. Oleksiy was killed by a targeted shelling of a Ukrainian military camp


Volodymyr Kukhar recalls that the base was destroyed the night before the so-called truce. He was at a position nearby. The next morning he found out there were two men killed from his 12th battalion and three more from a tank brigade.

Among those killed in Dmytrivka was senior lieutenant, Oleksiy Oshchepkiv.

Oleksiy chose to join the military following in the footsteps of his grandfather. He went to the Suvorov military school, which is now Ivan Bohun military academy. After that he studied in the Armored corps academy. He left the military because of the state of his health, but rejoined it immediately after Russia started its aggression in Donbas.

“He came to the military recruitment office of his friend. They used to study in the tank academy together. He demanded to be deployed. If there were no guys like him at that moment there would be no Ukraine,” Father of Oleksiy Oshchepkiv Viktor Oshchepkiv said.

A commemorative tablet devoted to Oleksiy Oshchepkiv was the tenth on the wall of the Ivan Bohun military academy. In honor of the graduates who died in the Russian-Ukrainian war, an alley of heroes is planted near the main building. Now there is also a tree for Oleksiy.

Source UATV
date 19.03.2019
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