Kyiv Preps for Holidays

The Ukrainian capital is preparing for the winter holidays. Festive markets are being set up in the center of Kyiv, as well as the platform for the country's main Christmas tree


Kyiv is getting ready to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

Celebration organizers are promising an extensive entertainment program, social and cultural projects, and food courts and markets, all over an area of 10 hectares.

“There will be two Ferris wheels, two Christmas trains, five carousels, 34 concerts, 5,000 performers, 400 meters of screens and a thousand meters of under-roof zones,” Ihor Dobrutskyi, founder of the project ‘Folk Ukraine’ said.

The organizers predict that five million people will visit the Christmas markets in total including not only people living in Kyiv and from across Ukraine but also foreign tourists.

Several people with whom UATV spoke with were only just beginning to think about their holiday plans.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t started preparing for the New Year yet. We don’t have a tradition to prepare for this holiday in advance. We’ve just discovered the preparations on the square, and now we’re thinking in this direction as well,” said one Kyiv resident.

But others’ plans were already in motion.

“We’ll have a party with our friends, then with relatives. We’ve already started buying presents, our closets are packed. We’re also planning to go to the city center,” another Kyiv resident said.

Kyiv will start celebrating on Dec. 15, when Saint Nicholas will come to the city with a parade. On Dec. 19, the country’s main Christmas tree will be lit up on at Sofia Square.

Source UATV
date 05.12.2018
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