Court Considers Petition to End Health Minister’s Suspension

The health minister was suspended from performing her duties on Feb. 5


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Health Minister Uliana Suprun’s court hearing is today at the Kyiv District Administrative Court.

Suprun has been a driving force behind large-scale medical reform in Ukraine since she took office back in 2016.

However, she’s irked Radical Party MP Ihor Mosiychuk who filed a lawsuit claiming Suprun was acting unlawfully as by Ukrainian regulation a person can be an acting minister for only one month.

Mosiychuk also took issue with Suprun’s citizenship, claiming that as a dual American and Ukrainian citizen Suprun cannot serve, as Ukrainian law technically only allows you to have one citizenship.

The Regional Administrative Court in Kyiv banned Suprun from performing her duties on Feb. 5.

The hearing today was attended by Suprun’s deputies, as well as Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian and Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko.

Some members of the public were also at the court, to show their support for Suprun.

“The so-called preventive measure ruled by the previous court is just absurd. The work of the Ministry of Health is blocked. I have a 1-year-old daughter, and it’s very important to me that she is vaccinated on time and so on,” activist Kateryna Chepura said.

Chepura said that the goal of the lawsuit was to stifle medical reform in Ukraine.

As RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty reported, President Petro Poroshenko was quoted by his press service as saying that Suprun had his “full support.”

“I appreciate what we have done together for medical reform, including the reform of rural medicine. Citizenship is the responsibility of the president,” he added

British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough wrote on Twitter that the court’s decision may potentially have an impact on “Ukraine’s vital healthcare reforms.”



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date 11.02.2019
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