Kyiv Sets Economic Goals for 2019

The Ukrainian Prime Minister outlined Ukraine's goals at a meeting with business leaders


Photo UATV/Ukrinform

Kyiv has set next year’s economic priorities.

“We’ve clearly defined the priorities for 2019. The first priority is economic growth,” Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said at the Partnership for Development Forum, Ukrinform reported.

Groysman said Ukraine will be focusing on improving its business climate, management and the privatization of a number of state-owned companies.

Groysman said Ukraine will also prioritize the development of Ukrainian infrastructure, and move toward full-fledged reform of its energy sector.

He said the Cabinet of Ministers will continue decentralization and the civil service reforms.

“We are restarting the entire public administration system, and this priority remains unchanged,” he said.

Ukraine hopes to improve people’s quality of life by investing in human capital and continuing reforms in education and health care.

“The security and defense of the state is an undoubted priority,” he said.

Source UATV
date 03.12.2018
categories Economics
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