Kyiv Zoo Reconstruction

By the end of this year the new entrance, three-level parking and outbuildings will be finished

The Kyiv Zoo has begun a large scale reconstruction project. So far, an enclosure for primates, a lake for koi fish, and a new giraffe statue have been built.

The zoo’s gibbons will be some of the first to get a new home. Now confined to a much smaller cage, they’ll be given a more proper habitat of 1,200 square meters and 12 meters high.

“This complex was built for a group of gibbons, a family – consisting of a mother, father, and babies. Deer and pheasants will live below. This will be called the Asian group,” Zoo Director Kyrylo Trantin said.

Both the summer habitat and winter quarters are being built for all the zoo’s primates. Local old-timer gorilla, Tony, will also move in. New enclosures will be more spacious with trees and bushes inside and animals will be separated from visitors by glass.

The new enclosures for primates will be finished by next spring. Then the primates will be moved.

One addition to the zoo that’s already been completed is a new giraffe statue, standing at 12 meters high, that will greet visitors near the zoo’s central entrance. Older, well-loved sculptures of a lion and a bison will join it.

“There will be a mother-and-child room and new toilets. The other building that is to the left of me will be a fast food zone and a souvenir shop. The fancy thing we will have is a huge aquarium in the basement,” Trantin said.

All of this, except for the aquarium, should be finished before Independence Day, on Aug. 24.

A pond for Japanese Koi fish as well as a gazebo and summer theater are also ready.

“For the first time, we outfitted the zoo with an ecologic complex, where water undergoes a three-stage purification process. It has a mechanical purification system, as well as special lamps that kill all undesirable organics,” Trantin said.

By the end of this year the new entrance, three-level parking, and outbuildings will be finished. This will be the first stage of reconstruction. In total there will be several stages. The last one will consist of building a savanna zone, elephant zone, and aviary.

Source UATV
date 07.05.2019
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