Kyiv’s High Tech Street

Saliutna Street also now has smart illumination that can change the intensity of light on its own. The plan is to expand this high-tech wonder beyond Saliutna Street to all of Kyiv. Here you can charge any device, using the solar power


Imagine, that it’s midday, and your phone battery is quickly draining to 0 percent. Do you feel distressed? Well, there’s no reason for you to panic if you are on Kyiv’s Saliutna Street. Now, you can charge any of your devices right here — with the help of these solar benches.

You can also connect to free WiFi.

“This idea was born two years ago. Of course, we investigated the experience of modern cities, like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Boston, Seoul, etc. The length of this street is one kilometer. And this street was built by raising money from private investors. And concerning smart solutions: sensors, cameras, smart benches… The total amount is about $20K,” Yuriy Nazarov, the head of the Information and Communication Technology Department of Kyiv.

If your electric car happens to run out of power, there’s also a solution. Drivers can plug their cars into one of a few chargers connected to the electric grid. They can pay with their credit cards.

The street is also affixed with tiny metal boxes which help with air quality.

“Every person… He just walks… And he can come, scan QR and open the application. As mentioned, here’s free WiFi. You can connect and get all the data from this station to your platform,” Coordinator of the Kyiv Smart City Initiative Yaroslava Boyko said.

Saliutna Street also now has smart illumination that can change the intensity of light on its own.

“According to the number of people, it regulates light. This helps to save electricity from 40 to 80 percent,” Boyko said.

If you live nearby, and on your way back home, you happen to realize that someone stole your wallet — the street also has a mini-SOS box. Press a button and the police will come immediately.

Plans are to expand the high-tech wonders of Saliutna Street to all of Kyiv.

Source UATV
date 07.07.2019
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