Largest Ballot in Ukraine Since Independence Being Printed

Special inks and other measures have been taken to prevent counterfeiting


Photos from Ukrinform – UATV

The printing plant ‘Ukraine has been printing the ballot papers for the scheduled election of the President of Ukraine since March 8. The election will be held on March 31.

“So far, the ballot papers are printed only for the election day of March 31, 2019. We cannot talk about printing of any other ballots, as the Central Election Commission has approved neither the form nor the content of such ballots, since nobody knows whether there will be a second round and who exactly will take part in it,” Chairperson of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine Tetiana Slipachuk said during a briefing at the printing plant, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.

The Director of the printing plant ‘Ukraine’ Yuri Onyshchenko said that the ballot papers had been printed with ink made especially for this purpose and on domestically produced paper with ten degrees of protection against counterfeiting.

The current ballot is the largest ever used in any presidential election in Ukraine since independence.





Source Ukrinform
date 21.03.2019
categories Society
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