Latest WhatsApp Beta-Update Allows Users to See Massege Redirects

This update is expected to be available for all users by the end of April 2019

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The latest beta version of the WhatsApp update contains a feature allowing users to track the number of redirects of any particular message, online news outlet reported.

According to the article, when sending someone a message you can see how many times it has been forwarded to someone else. To do this, click on the message and then click on the “Details” button. This launches a menu, the information in which shows how many times a specific post has been forwarded.

As developers have pointed out, this new feature will help shield personal correspondence as well as help battle fraudulent users. There is no way to identify who a message was forwarded to. The app will show only the fact of the redirect and its number.

The article considers this new feature to be critical for protection. However, it notes that it’s is easy to bypass this limitation. Intruders can simply copy the text of messages, or create and share screenshots or text it to someone individually.

date 24.03.2019
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