Lawyer Sounds Alarms On Bekirov’s Health

Doctors at the prison seem to be injecting the political prisoner with excessive amounts of insulin


Photo Anton Naumlyuk for RFE/RL


The state of health of Crimean Tatar, Edem Bekirova, illegally detained under fake accusations of storage of ammunition and explosives in illegally annexed Crimea, has been deteriorating after taking medicines given to him by the new doctors at the Semashko Simferopol Hospital,  attorney for Bekirov, Islyam Velilyaev, said  to a correspondent of Crimea.Realities.

According to the lawyer, as a result of testing carried out on May 14, 2019, the cardiologist and hospital endocrinologist indicated that Bekirov’s condition was satisfactory and recommended that the number of insulin units injected be increased.

“He still has an increased sugar level – 16 mmol / l (with a norm – up to 6.5 mmol / l). Doctors prescribed him the increase of the insulin dose, and if you collect all the prescriptions for a day, there will be over 50 units. And with such an amount of insulin, sugar is still overwhelming,” Velilyaev said.

According to the lawyer’s report, Bekirov complains of continuous heart pain, which is periodically accompanied by a burning sensation. He has hypertonia of the third stage: “Any movement leads to a strongly labored breathing.”

Due to the large number of insulin injections, his pancreas has become larger, which manifests itself in severe pain. He also suffers from persistent headaches, severe swelling of his body, of his left leg and face. In addition, due to low mobility, Bekirov’s left leg has mummified.

“On his left foot, he has no veins, because they were used for surgery on the heart. On the front of the left leg, a fresh trophic ulcer formed, he salves it, but it appears periodically again,” explains Velilayaev.

According to the lawyer, Bekirov complains about the conditions, especially the lack of fresh air.

“Now the heat begins, the air is not enough. He has a window in the chamber for 24 hours, but there is still not enough oxygen, “says Velialyaev.

Taking into account new indicators of Bekirova’s health, the lawyer is going to appeal for preventive measures, to change them, for example, to house arrest. The next hearing on the extension of Bekirov’s detention is scheduled for June 5, 2019.

Source UATV
date 18.05.2019
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