League of Veterans Kicks Off

The second year of the "League of Veterans" took place in Ukraine. The event is organized to facilitate war veterans rehabilitation back into society


Forty-nine participants came to the race track. First they had a few elimination runs and then, they were separated into teams. The cup was decided in a race that ran 100 laps. Yet the veterans said they came to participate, not win.

“We have our own group of people, our own support group. Because in reality, many of the people who fought in the war do not really like crowds at all these events. So this is kind of an emotional release and a psychological release of sorts as well,” tournament participant Dmytro Syniuka said.

The first event of this sort for Donbas war veterans was held a year ago. Many participants who came back to civilian life were reluctant to participate. Now the situation is very different.

“The number of willing participants is much higher than the number of spots we could really have. So we added another elimination tour today and we are very happy that our guys are so into it, that they like it. They wait in anticipation for these events,” tournament organizer Olha Kharkina said.

Nobody is trying to win at all costs. The only goal of the racers is to have fun and help others take out a little steam.

“You don’t fight a war on this track. You don’t have to ram anyone, definitely not. It is all for good times, and to express appreciation to everyone,” tournament participant Oleh Shyshkin said.

This is the second tour of the veterans league. The first one entailed a kayak race. The third tour will be bowling.

Source UATV
date 09.09.2019
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