Lviv Company Produces 30,000 Lettuce Bushes Daily

The lettuce grown in the Lviv region is sold across Ukraine


Every day, 30,000 bushes of lettuce are collected in a massive greenhouse. It takes three weeks for the lettuce to fully grow and later be sold in grocery stores.

“I used to believe the stereotype that greenhouse vegetables cannot be good for you. but later I realized that it can’t be true because when we grow products in black soil, in a greenhouse, we can control the quality of the plants,” Serhiy Lenchuk, the head of *the agricultural company, said.

“It’s a special program which controls the climate in our greenhouse and monitors the external temperature. It shows the wind strength, wind direction, and solar radiation. It also controls the microclimate in the greenhouses – it shows the temperature, the humidity, the CO2 level, and what our plants need,” agronomist Olha Danchak said.

In these greenhouses in Ukraine’s Lviv region, lettuce is cultivated using Dutch technology – using peat substrate instead of soil. And special pools help save water.

“The structure of the roof is built in such a way which allows us to collect rainwater from the roof and pump it into the pools. We have a closed cycle – the water with which we filled the pool is constantly here. This way, we don’t harm the environment,” Lenchuk said.

The farmers avoid using any dangerous fertilizers.

“If we use the technologies properly and provide the necessary amount of these insects, entomophagy, we can protect ourselves and prevent the development of pests, then there is no need in using any pesticides or other chemical agents that can harm human health,” Lenchuk said.

Once the lettuce has ripened, it’s packed.

“I’m packing frisée. I read myself that this type of lettuce is very good for your health, it has a lot of magnesium and removes radionuclides. You can pack it with the roots – then it can be stored in supermarkets for a long time. At home, you can put it in water and use it for a long time. If it’s packed without the roots, it doesn’t last as long,” Maria, an employee at *the agricultural company said.

The lettuce grown in the Lviv region is sold across Ukraine. In the future, the company plans to build greenhouses for tomatoes and peppers.

*UATV’s editorial board determined that in some instances companies should not be named in reports out of the belief that doing so would be to show favoritism to the companies reported on.
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date 13.03.2019
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