How Long for Justice? Case of Ukrainian Veteran’s Murder

On June 22, 2017, Ukraine was shocked by the murder of a war veteran in downtown Kyiv, when a father stood up for his son and was stabbed twice with a knife. A court has been considering the case for more than two years, leading his family to wonder why the case is proceeding so slowly

For the first time in court, 59-year-old defendant Anatoliy Chyvikov told his version of what happened two years ago.

“I regret that I… really regret that I walked by that evening, returning home. That fate brought me to you,” he said.

Chyvikov, who admitted to murdering Serhiy Oliynyk, said that he did so in self-defense.

The defendant was interrogated by the prosecutor, lawyers, and the son of victim Oliynyk. The prosecutor requested that the accused remain in custody for another two months.

The judges set a date for the next court hearing and left the session hall. The testimony of the accused shocked Oliynyk’s wife and son. According to them, at the first court hearing, Chyvikov pleaded guilty and repented.

“He knows very well that he killed. He repented at the first meeting. Now he says the opposite. He is already defending himself. That is, he has discussed it with his lawyers, and now it sounds completely different,” Yaroslav Oliynyk, the son of Serhiy Oliynyk said.

“As you see, each time this circus continues. Every time we are traumatized morally. But we still believe that justice will prevail. We are supported by a lot of friends,” Halyna Korobeichenko, the wife of Serhiy Oliynyk said.

Oliynyk had to war as a volunteer in 2015. For a year he served as intelligence chief of the 1st battalion of the 14th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now his son has launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #Vbyvtsia_maie_buty_pokaranyi (# the killer must be punished).

Friends, acquaintances, and others expressed outrage at the murder. The social media campaign is designed to draw the authorities’ attention to the delays in the case, which has gone on for more than two years.

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