Luxury Dolls Showcased in Tbilisi

Unique luxury dolls were showcased at an Art Festival in Georgia. Artists and visitors spoke about the craft of doll making. For the artists, it's a painstaking passion, but the displays allowed visitors to witness moments in this precise process.


Exquisitely handcrafted dolls from around the world were brought together for a festival in the Georgian capital.

ArtDoll Tbilisi 2019 Festival featured the works of renowned masters from some 14 countries, borrowed from private collections and museums.

“First of all these dolls don’t cost five pennies, they are of the highest level in visual arts. One person must be many things. They must be an artist, sculptor, designer, jeweler. Everything is done by one person, so of course, there aren’t many people like that,” said an Azerbaijan doll artist, visual art expert, Parviz Huseynov.

Visual artists structure the luxury dolls from a range of materials, that vary from paper-mâché to porcelain and leather.

The collection on display at the Museum of Modern Art showcased the different styles, palettes, and techniques that can be executed to create these unique dolls.

“The collectors are certainly special and we make very limited numbers of these dolls. One artist can only make perhaps just eight dolls per year, physically, even if they work day and night, as I normally work,” said a Belarussian doll artist, Galina Dmitruk.

For two days, From Nov. 2-4, visitors were able to see up close the fine detail and craftsmanship of each doll.

“It presents a very large variety from a technical point of view, and from a visual point of view. Here you can get very interesting impressions,” said an exhibition visitor Liya.

“Of course, it is important when you are appreciated. But a master doesn’t like criticism. There are some dolls that are so alive, they look alive to you, that there is a feeling that when you cast them and turn their head, you get the feeling it will now turn its eyes towards you. There are these moments, but it is more funny than scary,” said a Georgian doll artist, Yulia Sorokina.

Some of the dolls on display were decorated with semi-precious stones and crystals, with price tags that can range from a few hundred to thousands of U.S. dollars.

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date 10.11.2019
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