Lviv to Reconstruct Theater Square

The city council plans to completely reconstruct the square
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The Lviv City Council (LCC) plans to reconstruct Opera and Ballet Theater square.

A private company will sponsor reconstruction and rebuild the fountain, LCC press-service reported.

“It will be a dry fountain. The sponsor will make the square paving in front of the Opera House, and we will do the dismantling of the fountain ourselves. We need to think about where the existing fountain can be used and in which area of ​​the city it can be used,” head of the law department of LCC Helena Payonkevyi said.

During winter, the fountain will be turned off and it will turn into a pedestrian zone, which can also be used to set up a Christmas tree or a stage for city events.

The area itself after the reconstruction will have the shape of a violin.

Photo from Lviv City Council press-service

In the square’s reconstruction project, architects propose removing attractions and stalls, to install benches with charger sockets, green zones, and bicycle parking.

Source UATV
date 23.06.2019
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