Lviv Residents Make Unique Tiles

Donbas clay is used to make the tiles, which are used to decorate buildings across Europe


Oksana Chepurna started developing her tile making technique almost 40 years ago. She wanted her tiles to resemble ceramic works of art.

“We all work on making our products even better so that they meet European standards. Our main achievement is that now we can make large tiles. They used to be no bigger than 20 by 20 cm, but now we can make them 1.20 m in height or width. It’s very difficult,” she said.

Her main material is clay which is transported from the Donetsk region. It’s believed to be the best of its kind in Ukraine.

“We pour clay into the patterned mold for several hours to make it as thick as we need. The clay settles and starts to resemble plasticine. Then we set the material aside for one-two week,” tile maker Andziy Bonzylo said.

When the tiles are dry, they’re covered with a special glaze, which gives them color and shine. Then the tiles are heated at a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. In addition to traditional tiles, Chepurna also makes unique tiles in the ethnic-style called ‘fliandrivka.’ Chepurna said that this technique requires a lot of effort.

“In a minute, the clay can dry out, so you have to do everything quickly. I’ll never be able to repeat this, even if I want to, it will never be identical to this pattern,” she said.

The Lviv tiles are sold to Poland, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. In the future, she plans to open a tile museum.

Source UATV
date 17.03.2019
categories Economics, News releases
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