Lviv Volunteers Cook Christmas Meal for People in Need

The soup kitchen has been hosting a Christmas lunch every year since 2005


 Since 2005, a volunteer group in Lviv has offered a warm Christmas lunch for the needy.

“A long time ago, a young girl gave me a bible. I always read it and remember what God has given me. I’m thankful to God and to the volunteers for this lunch,” Valeriy (last name not known) said.

Valeriy has been coming to this holiday soup kitchen for many years now. He says that it’s a chance for him to celebrate Christmas as if he were at home with family.

Over a 100 volunteers work in the kitchen.

One of the volunteers, Marta Haiduk, says this is the right way to celebrate Christmas.

“If you are able to help someone, then this is the best time to do it. It is in this way we thank God for what he does for us,” Haiduk said.

The money for the lunch was raised at local churches across Lviv over the course of a month.

“This year, we made snacks, sliced up meat and made salads. For hot dishes, we made Ukrainian borshch, cabbage wraps and crepes with meat. For dessert, we made sweet rolls and various sweets with fruits of course,” volunteer Larysa Shedlovska said.

The holidays aren’t the only time people can get a meal. The volunteers also host a lunch every Sunday.

Source UATV
date 09.01.2019
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