Keeping Traditions Alive

At Vyshyvanka Festival, festivalgoers see traditions of Ukrainian head scarves, vyshyvankas, embroidery



At the Vyshyvanka Festival in Lviv, which runs until International Vyshyvanka Day on May 17, not only vyshyvankas – which are the traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts –  but many different kinds of traditional crafts and customs are on display, like headscarves.

This weekend, Artist Vira Olesh was present to show visitors how to tie traditional Ukrainian headscarves, a tradition that’s been passed down in her family through generations. Olesh said that she knows dozens of ways of wrapping head scarves, having paid careful attention since she was a child.

“There was a custom that a married woman had to wear a headscarf. But they didn’t want to just wear it, a Ukrainian woman wants to make things beautiful. That’s why they came up with many ways to wrap the headscarf, stood in front of the mirror and created beauty. There’s even a saying that a scarf protects women’s beauty,” Olesh said.

As she spoke, Olesh wrapped a headscarf around the head of Lviv resident Ivanna Buchkovska, who wanted hers’ done in the Hutsul style.

“I found out that this is a Hutsul style called Nooshie,” Buchkovska said. “I love Ukrainian traditions, embroidery, that’s how my mother brought me up, I love everything Ukrainian now.”

The festivalgoers aren’t only taught to wrap scarves, but to embroider as well.

Part of the money from the festival will be donated to help a child with cancer treatment.


Source UATV
date 13.05.2018
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