‘Made in Ukraine’ Festival in Kyiv

Despite uncertain weather, dozens of people attended to the launch of the 'Made in Ukraine' Festival which is being held in Kyiv. This unique open-air event features many stands where people can buy products from all regions of the country



“I think it’s a good opportunity for foreigners to see what Ukrainian people can do, and what Ukraine can provide,” says a visitor to the Made in Ukraine festival.

Made in Ukraine is the largest festival of local goods in the country. Hundreds of producers from various regions have come to the capital to offer their goods — 100% made in Ukraine.

Marina participates for the first time. She’s from Kyiv and she found an ecological alternative to plastic — by making bags in polyethylene.

“We want to preserve our Earth, our environment. And since the usage of ‘eco-friendly bags’ still isn’t widespread in Ukraine, we decided to offer our customers this wonderful kit of 9 bags. It includes polyethylene bags like this for when you go to the store to buy apples, vegetables, fruit…. whatever you like. This allows you to reduce your usage of [disposeable] plastic bags. Another great thing is that it draws the attention of people around you, who see that you don’t use plastic bags and this prompts them to stop using plastic bags too,” exhibitor Marina Kushnir said.

For the 6th year of the Made in Ukraine Festival, organizers have decided to welcome goods from other countries like France and Germany. Also, they aim to recreate the atmosphere of a “summer camp” in the middle of the square where many activities are happening.

“So, we will make a fire here with a guitar, play songs, and also, everything can be compared to camping with scouts… So we will have the election of Ukrainian scouts for kids and for older people,” organizer of Made in Ukraine festival Konstantin Kotsar said.

Made in Ukraine festival is going on all weekend with different activities including cooking workshops, concerts, DJ sets and entertainment for children. About 50,000 are expected to attend.

Source UATV
date 14.07.2019
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