Military Band to Make You Stand at Attention

A 20-year-old Ukrainian military band is churning out new arrangements of well-known compositions and entertaining the troops with concert tours at the front line. The musicians rehearse every day and never stop updating their repertoire


A Ukrainian military band’s musical arsenal extends well beyond the traditional ceremonial or orchestral pieces.

They can play classical, jazz, and even rock and roll. But learning to read sheet music and play notes is not enough.

Before walking on the parade deck to play the Tuba, Artem Mukha double-checked his military uniform to make sure it was immaculate.

“It is very important in the army. Uniforms must always be clean, tidy and ironed,” he said.

Saxophone player Olha Tsekhmistro is the only girl in the band. She said everybody is friendly and caring.

“Everyone helps and protects me. I would even say they solve my problems. If something is wrong with the saxophone. They help me immediately,” she said.

Recently, the military band could be seen practicing marching drills.

“Marching is a separate genre of military music. I would say the most impressive because musicians show their skills while moving. It is very interesting and exciting,” Conductor Oleksandr Zhariy said.

All of the military band’s efforts server a greater cause.

“We boost the morale of our soldiers and give concerts for local residents of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions,” Zhariy said.

This year, the military band celebrated its 20th anniversary. The musicians are rehearsing every day in hopes of giving the best performances yet.

Source UATV
date 19.11.2019
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